The REAL War on Women

   There is no question whether or not inequality between men and women exist within Western society. History confirms that there has always been a battle for women to obtain equality, and also proves that women’s rights movements have had a successful and lasting impact on making America a leading example for womens freedom. Women deserve to be treated with equal respect, and we should be given equal rights. But even with all of the breakthroughs American women have made in women’s rights, an overwhelming number of modern day feminist believe there to be a tyrannical “War on Women”. To label the current western “female oppressed” society as a “War on Women” is incredibly ignorant, sardonic and quite frankly, insulting to women around the world. To the women who view denial of public funds for abortions, birth control and tampons as a deprivation of women’s rights, let me introduce you to the REAL War on Women.

In Islamic Culture and countries where Sharia Law is enforced, women are routinely subject to heinous, evil and barbaric abuse where they are attacked and burned by acid, enslaved, stoned, raped, forced into prostitution, whipped, flogged and beheaded, just to name a few. Try explaining to these women some of which have experienced genital mutilation, how “oppressed” you are for not being handed birth control. Or for you truly egotistical feminist, try explaining how corrupt society is becoming because men are exploiting women by “cat calling”. Or think about the women who cannot tell you of the savageness they endured because they were innocent victims of honor killings- murders conducted by spouses or family members in the event of misbehavior. Watch this video and see for yourself

  What have these women done to receive this inhuman treatment? They wore pants, drank alcohol, engaged in premarital sex, suspected of adultery, drove a car, accused of stealing, didn’t follow muslim dress standards for women, appeared non-muslim, didn’t comply with orders given by a male, committed adultery, was raped by a stranger, the list goes on. For more detailed punishments enforced by Sharia law If this isn’t enough for you , take a look for yourself at the REAL women who are victims of the War on Women (Warning: Graphic)  Still feel under attack by the American “War on Women”? Listen to these women who were victims of acid attacks.

Feminist, if this doesn’t help you see what a real war on women looks like try to justify your views to these women who are victims of heinous treatment for being women. It is easy to speak out against an American “War on Women” because in America, women have the freedom of speech. But think about the women who do not have that freedom. Think about the women who have been courageous enough to try and speak out, and have were brutally killed as a result. Rather than declaring the American “War on Women” think about the REAL wars on women who have no rights, and no voice. Maybe modern day American feminist should consider going to a place like Afghanistan, where Sharia law is strictly enforced. Enter a war not consisting of a battle over “government provided healthcare” but a war consisting of women fighting for their lives.

Here are some more sources for gaining a better insight on the real war on women: